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Anxiety Therapy in Edmonton

Let’s be honest, we have given anxiety a bit of a bad rap, making many of us feel like there is something wrong with us for being anxious.

This has resulted in us spending an absurd amount of time and energy trying to make anxiety disappear and go away. The problem with that strategy is that it often does not work and may in fact increase our anxiety about anxiety.

So, what should you do when dealing with anxiety?

  1. Understand that it is okay if it is there. You don’t need to try and change it, or make it go away. Just acknowledge it, and allow it to be present with you. You do not have to be calm or completely void of anxiety in order to do something – bring anxiety with you!

  2. Change your relationship with anxiety. Instead of treating anxiety like an enemy, what would happen if you shift your perspective to see anxiety for what it is: a protector that keeps you safe?

  3. Practice mindfulness, in which you bring attention to your thoughts/feelings/physical sensations and accept what comes up, without casting any judgement.

  4. Let’s work together so that you can move forward with your life. Follow these simple steps to get stared:
    Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with Kayla for the two of you to chat about your therapy goals.
    – Get started with online therapy & learn how to navigate anxiety!