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Counselling Services in Edmonton

Providing therapy and counselling services in Edmonton for teens and individuals living with diabetes. We specialize in anxiety, depression, relationships and living with chronic illness.

Online Counselling

Sometimes anxiety stops us from reaching out for support, especially if we have to go in person. The thought of driving somewhere and stepping into an unknown space can be overwhelming, and provides lots of opportunities for us to change our minds and not go; but, being able to see a therapist online allows you to access counselling from the comfort and safety of your own home. You can try out interventions and tools in the very space you will implement them in between sessions, giving you a leg up when you are using them in real time.

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In Person Counselling

While these are true of whether you attend therapy in person or online, there are certainly additional benefits from meeting face-to-face, which include reduced isolation, access to additional resources you may not have available at home, a reason to leave the house (this one is particularly appealing if you are still working from home), less distractions and more privacy, and a better opportunity for your therapist to pick up body language/cues.

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Diabetes Counselling

I don’t need to tell you how stressful that can be. Whether you are newly diagnosed, or a seasoned veteran to the T1D game, it can be incredibly overwhelming to maintain the same unwavering dedication to care for your diabetes. Between finger pokes, infusion site changes, CGM scanning and monitoring, it can be a never-ending chore. Not to mention the anxiety that comes with the fear of blood sugar crashes and surges.

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