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Type 1 Diabetes Support Groups Edmonton

Are you…  struggling with managing T1D? Feeling burned out? Dealing with hypoanxiety?  Feeling isolated in your Diabetes journey? 

Apply to join one of our T1D support groups today!

We get it – juggling T1D and life can be difficult. The highs and lows (literally) of blood sugar management, the never-ending problem-solving, and feeling like others just don’t understand can lead to burnout, anxiety, and distress. For these reasons, it’s essential to have a support system to help you cope with the emotional aspects of living with this condition – and here’s where our Type 1 Diabetes Support Groups come in!


By participating in our support groups, you will have the opportunity to:

1. connect with others who are experiencing similar challenges,
2. explore topics, such as diabetes distress and burnout and how to spot them, and,
3. learn tools and techniques that can help you manage the emotional side of living with T1D.

Here’s all the details:

  • Groups are open to individuals 18+ years old 
  • Each group session is 8-weeks long (that’s two whole months of support!)
  • Groups will be run by two lovely therapists who also live with T1D (Kayla Chorley, CCC & Counselling Therapist and Claire Murray, Registered Psychologist) 
  • Groups will be available in person (for those living in the Edmonton area) and online (for those living within the province of Alberta)
  • The investment to participate in the group is $750 for all 8-weeks
  • Group fees may be covered by insurance (please check with your provider directly)
To sign up and request an intake form, please fill out the form below: