Media & Public Speaking

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of engaging with diverse audiences through media appearances and public speaking events. These experiences have shaped my journey, allowing me to share my expertise and insights on Diabetes & mental health, as well as topics related to anxiety, relationships, and perfectionism. Explore some of my notable past engagements below.

Media Appearances:

  1. Featured on CBC’s Radio Active: An Interview with Min Dhariwal to discuss the intersection of diabetes and mental health. You can listen to the clip here
  2. Featured on 630 CHED Afternoons with Bryn Griffiths. 
  3. Featured on Global News: Interviewed by Quinn Ohler to discuss diabetes and mental health and my involvement in the Edmonton Diabetes & High Risk Foot Clinic. You can find the news clip here
  4. Featured on the Diabetes Daily Grind Podcast: An interview with Amber Clour on normalizing mental health experiences while living with diabetes. You can listen to the clip here
  5. Featured on Chelsea on CHED (630 CHED Radio): I had the pleasure of joining Chelsea Bird on their popular radio show to delve deep into millennial divorce rates and relationships. Click here to listen to the clip.
  6. Royal Alberta College Interview: In this multi-part interview for their Gen Z series, I discussed anxiety and shared valuable insights into managing it. Watch the interview here.
  7. Featured on F*ck The Rules Podcast: I had the pleasure of joining Susan Roggendorf on their popular podcast to delve deep into making our plans for world domination through therapy and being badass! Listen to the podcast episode here.
  8. Featured on Ask Your Mother Podcast: I had the pleasure of joining Dr. Cristie Ritz King on their popular podcast to delve deep into anxiety during uncertain times. Listen to the podcast episode here.
  9. Guest Blog on PrettyContent: My article on Anxiety, Perfectionism, & Comparison as a Small Business Owner was featured on the PrettyContent blog, where I shared my expertise on managing these realities as a business owner. Read the article here.

Public Speaking Engagements:

  1. Speaker at the JDRF Walk For the Cure: I had the honor of delivering an address at the JDRF Walk For the Cure, where I provided insights on the connection between mental health and diabetes management. Learn more about the event here

  2. Workshop Leader for Caregiving: Supporting Children & Teens Living with T1D and Reducing Caregiver Burnout: I conducted an interactive workshop on caregiving and Type 1 Diabetes, helping participants gain practical skills in reducing caregiver burnout and supporting children & teens living with Type 1 Diabetes. Explore the workshop here

  3. Anxiety 101 for Educators: Tips & Tricks for Teachers: I presented at the CCTCA and GETCA teacher’s conventions on the topic of anxiety in the classroom, and ways of supporting students in managing challenging thoughts and feelings. You can find the summary handout here

Contact Me:

If you’re interested in having me speak at your upcoming event, please don’t hesitate to reach out by email: [email protected]