Make peace with anxiety and start living your best life.

Counsellor in Edmonton

Kayla Chorley, Canadian Certified Counsellor & Counselling Therapist

The struggle with anxiety is real.

Real talk about counselling in Edmonton. When anxiety takes over, it completely sucks. Perhaps it has hooked you and moved you away from living your best life. Maybe it has led you to question whether you are good enough, despite all of your best efforts. Perhaps it has shown up for you as perfectionism, and brought with it this intense fear of making mistakes. Maybe anxiety has made you to feel small, forcing you to ignore your own needs out of fear that others in your life will leave you or judge you. Perhaps it has made you to feel out of touch with yourself and your reality, resulting in an intense hopelessness.

I get it. You were going about your business and *whoosh* all of a sudden anxiety showed up. This new sensation that made your brain race with a million “what ifs”, followed by feelings of intense fear and dread, and countless physical sensations like a rapid heart beat, breathlessness, nausea, and fuzziness, to name a few. Ugh. What a hassle. 

So, what now? How do you possibly go about your life when these *whooshes* keep happening? 

That’s where I come in. I have helped many clients, just like yourself, unhook from anxiety and cultivate a life in which they are more present, unafraid to make mistakes and get messy, able to share their needs openly with others, and freely embrace who they are with both love and compassion.  I hope for all of these things for you too.

So, if you’re ready to make peace with anxiety and start living your best life, let’s do this.

Start by scheduling a quick phone call with me below.

Hi, I’m Kayla.

Although I like it think I chose to specialize in anxiety, it feels very much like anxiety chose me. As someone who was once hooked by anxiety too, I can relate to the struggles it causes.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you and to learn more about your personal journey with anxiety.

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